Creating a start-up is a creative and systematic approach to implementation of bold and ambitious ideas. We are ready to develop MVP in just 60 days. We love to work with startups for their passion and drive towards building innovative products.

What is the MVP?

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a product of minimum functionality that will allow startups to get quick feedback from the market, to check the project in action and to present it to potential investors. Such an approach helps an entrepreneur to properly distribute funds and to focus on developing what is really needed.


A specific feature of this package is the limited term of 60 days and fixed price. That's how much time it will take Fingers media team to develop a product for you that will be successful in the eyes of users and investors. We apply a proven approach to project work and never sacrifice any of the stages. Our experts know how to set priorities, and concerted team actions provide prompt results.

Idea description

Tell us about your project. We must understand what and for whom we develop. Share your doubts and fears, dreams and ideas. Once formed an identical view of the project, we proceed to the design.


At this stage it is important to consider all the draft and not to add anything extra. It is important to remember that the ultimate goal of the project is creation of a MVP, but not a double-platform multi-user application. You can read more information about design in a dedicated section.


The project is divided into small sprints. At the end of each sprint a new working version of the product is created and evaluated. We develop effective and flexible solutions, and comprehensive testing ensures reliable operation of the product.


Having a product developed, we prepare a description for the app store, fill out a publication request form which will make your project available to millions of users once approved.


  • Project deployed on a product server
  • Development strategy and post-launch support
  • Presentation of the project to an investor
  • All rights reserved
  • Setting analytics systems
  • 3-month supervision
  • Fundraising support

Startup maintenance after launch and Seed Round funding and at any following stage.

Fast team expansion

Performance optimization

Analytics & improved Engagement

Usability assessment & improvement

Architectural improvement for scalability

Technology audit

Security improvement