Innovative mobile application that allows you to communicate with potential investors in the chat. Mobile application development

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Most investment search services don't always allow to communicate with project author, in which is willing to invest a potential investor. Fingers team had the opportunity to chance to test the hypothesis of whether the idea of the chat users like to socialize on investment research issues.


To date, there are a huge number of startups eager to drag up their idea and realize the planned projects.
For many years known crowdfunding platforms allow people with crazy ideas raises funds for their execution. However, don't always the investor has the opportunity to personally interact with the author of the project, which he is willing to invest.
Shance originates from idea create service, which allows investors to communicate with the authors of the idea for a startup.
The ease and efficiency of communication, the ability to help both in monetary terms and professional advice, or any other way — were the main requirements when designing mobile applications.


Shance it is innovative service that allows you to create projects and communicate with potential investors in the chat. Currently Shance implemented as a mobile application and website.

In the first phase we implemented the minimum functionality where every author of the project will be able to create only one project and post it to 60 days. During this time you need to collect the investment advice and any help from investors, dealing with them in chat and make new friends and contacts.
The application is made by the rules of Material Design.

Tape of projects

The tape projects from the list of projects (division of Popular and New).

My project

The ability to view information about the project, views, and change the amount collected.


List of selected projects.


1200+ installs (Android). General rate in Google play is 4.7.


installs for first 1,5 month


rate in Google Play



In the designing, we relied on MVP — Minimum viable product. This meant that the need to orient to the minimum functionality for the first version and after that you can start and gradually build on the application, based on the results of the analysts.

The original idea was proposed to introduce registration only for the authors, in order to simplify the communication of investors and the authors of the projects. At the same time investors could write to the author of the project without any registration and to discuss all the questions in the chat. However, at the design stage it revealed a number of problems that we could face in the future by implementing such a service:

  1. Already at the stage of designing a mobile application we know about the website, which is also scheduled to launch in the future. If you register a user by the mobile device you can obtain a security token of the device. With a browser, this mechanism more complicated.

  2. The next time when a user logs in, and he had used previously anonymous chat, it was necessary to restore the whole story of his correspondence. However, this was not a trivial task.

Based on the described problems, it was decided to introduce registration for all users, but not to scare them and give to get acquainted with the application, registration was postponed until the fulfillment of certain actions by the user:

  • When you try to create a project.
  • If you try to write a message to the author of the project.
  • When you attempt to add a project to your favorites.
  • When you try to view your message.

In mobile application was elaborately phased establishment of project to make this process more user-friendly. In addition, in the first version of the application doesn't imply the ability to edit information about the project, so the creation of the project phasing reduced risk of entering incorrect data.

In the description of the project was added active link function that the first stage of the application may contain links to other projects and services to fill Shance base.

In the mobile application and on the site have been implemented notification of the new messages, to the user doesn't miss important news from potential investors.

Technology Stack

Project Management



Adobe Photoshop
Material Design Guidelines

Node JS
Push notifications (GCM)


VK API, Facebook AP



Shance on Google Play


Business Analyst
Alex Palchunov
Project Manager
Diana Klimchuk
Nastya Koshko
Vlad Kazak
Vlad Grishechko (Android)
Denis Sotnikov (Front-end)
Vasya Mikhalyuk (Back-end)
Misha Kachan (Back-end)