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Seller assistant mobile app for electronic equipment market



The most dynamically developing retailer of electronic equipment market faced difficulties in training and retention of highly qualified personnel. The rate of discovery of new sales branches significantly outpaced sellers training pace. The company needed a tool that would allow an untrained specialist to navigate a large and complex portfolio.


Sellers and buyers can be divided into 3 groups according to the level of training and knowledge of electronic technology: experts, understanding users and beginners. For experts, the electronic assistant, which informs about the technical intricacies of the technology, will be a relative assistant. For other groups, the electronic assistant can become not only an informant, but also a real assistant in the choice of technology. Accordingly, when developing, we primarily focus on the understanding users and beginners.

Повышение маржинальности продаж сети


To develop a centralized system that will inform sellers and customers about the availability of the goods, their technical and other features. At the heart of the frontend solution is a tablet application-assistant. Sellers can demonstrate selected products to customers showing their strengths and weaknesses, as well as choosing the best product.

Экраны приложения для магазина


200+ sellers serve 3000+ visitors across the country in 30+ Tehnoplus stores every day. More than a half of the contacts occur in the use of electronic assistants. The database stores data more than 1000000 products from 250+ product groups. Total tablets operating time in a month is 48 000 hours.

Фильтр и подробное описание товара


The implementation of such a huge project has big risks in the correct choice of technology and software settings. Fingers designed regulation for implementation which reduced such risks to a minimum. Due to this fact, the introduction took less time spent and the project quickly saw the light. Special attention was paid to the simplification of the interface, the methodology and speed of selection of a suitable products. Taking into account the "always rushing" customers, this operation had to be done in a minimum number of clicks and actions. Thanks to a specially developed method of selection, it was possible to bring the speed of search for the necessary goods to 3 seconds! We also managed to get rid of the additional expenses on training by adding short and informative tips into the app.