Actual trends in mobile marketing

Mobile marketing became an important component in the development of a strategy for projects promotion. In this article, we will review the main trends in this industry for the current year.

Voice search

According to Google research, every fifth search query in the Android devices is performed by voice and in the coming years the growth will continue. One of the main factors of such a success is the improvement of recognition processes. This figure has already reached a colossal rate of 92 percent, although three years ago a mark of 80 points was perceived as an incredible success.

In this regard, many companies are actively engaged in content optimizing for voice calls. It is of the possible options is the design and development of a special FAQ section, where the answers to the most popular user questions will be posted. These phrases should resonate with the natural spoken user language, and also conform to it in structure.

An excellent example of integration of voice search was demonstrated by Starbucks in its application for IOS “My Starbucks barista”. It’s beta version appeared in late January this year. The service allows you to make an order with a voice and pay the order before arriving at the cafe.

Mobile video

In the research report HubSpot for 2016, video content is called the most popular type of content, which outstripped the ranking of posts in social networks and materials from news portals.

Last year, the total video views in Facebook reached a mark of 8 billion daily. EMarketers forecasted an increase of this indicator by 30% in 2017 and, it may even surpass all expectations. So if you plan to attract users with something new - immerse yourself in the work of preparing mobile video.

Active merge of e-commerce and social networks

Social networks have long ceased to be just a place for communication and pleasant pastime. Now it became one of the main channels of e-commerce, which continues to grow.

In Instagram and Twitter now it is much easier to buy some goods than in most online stores. Why spend time on transitions and searches for isolated sites, if with the help of a properly constructed retargeting and optimized content, you can easily turn social networks not only into means of communication but also active sales.

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

Excellent service from Google, gradually gaining popularity, especially among news portals and large trading platforms. AMP pages are much faster and can boast a priority in search results. In May Google released a report, which states that such pages are loaded 2 times faster than in an ordinary search. Currently, there are more than 2 billion sites using AMP, which are located in 900 000 domains. Recently, Twitter shared the news that it will expand AMP support in its applications for iOS and Android.

Google amp pages

Zalando has already integrated this technology for 250,000 pages for its products, eBay and Myntra are also keeping pace with their competitor. Ali Express, in turn, managed to announce a 4% increase in conversion due to the use of AMP.

The colossal growth of AR and VR

According to IDC, by 2018 the number of users of mobile virtual reality will reach 171 million, as mobile headsets VR will become more affordable and cheaper than their computer counterparts. In terms of revenues, the VR / AR industry is expected to reach 5.2 billion. This year it will jump to 162 billion US dollars by 2020.

Email Marketing for Mobile Phones

Last year, Litmus published an entertaining fact - 56% of the user's mail views are carried out via a mobile phone. Moreover, email notifications are still more popular than other kinds of notifications. This means that the content in emails should be adapted to viewing on mobile devices, otherwise there is a risk of not reaching the user.

Location-Based Marketing

The main message of this tool is to inform the user at the right time about profitable offers that will interest him. Knowing where your users are and what their habits are, you can offer them to take advantage of your services. There can be a lot of scripts: sales outlets, weather information, transport routes, etc. You simply show users what they want, and how far is the place where they can meet their needs.

The main advantage of this approach is personalization and direct hit in the target audience. Of the minuses - this advertisement is easy to block and it completely depends on the use of GPS technology.

All these features can be added to your working application or they can also be there starting with the very beginning of the mobile application desing.