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Tourists/travelers find themselves in a difficult situation in a foreign country, don’t know what to do and who to ask for help. On the other hand, everyone wants to do good, but don't always have tools for doing this and don't know how can help. In the modern technology era it's difficult to find a person without a mobile phone. So why not make such a tool and develop a mobile application.


Mobile application that allows travelers to seek help from the locals, and they in turn, will provide the opportunity to help.

Application Requirements:

  • easy and intuitive for the user. A person in a stressful situation needs to navigate and to ask for help easily;
  • because travelers are being a part of the target audience it was nesessary to provide language barrier problem solution;
  • users need a minimum number of clicks to ask for help or respond to a request for assistance;
  • displaying a request for assistance on the map, so that people who are able to help understand their geographical location;
  • not cause people who refused to help feel guilty;
  • offer a solution to protect against intruders.


For easy communication within the team and with the client, we have identified potential users:

  • users are ready to help — Angels of Polaris;
  • users who create requests for assistance.

Icons designed for Polaris application

To provide a quick opportunity to use the application after installation, users log in through Facebook — the most popular international social network. The map shows the requests and Angels of Polaris. Thus, the user knows the number of Angels nearby.

When people find themselves in a stressful situation, it is often difficult to articulate the circumstances in which they find themselves. To help them in creating a new request, we have added the most popular requests.

Registration screen and map with pins

Template dialogue

To solve the problem of the language barrier, we have developed a template dialogue. Thus, users and Angels of Polaris communicate with each other by means of prepared phrases that are grouped by types of requests.

Communication by template phrases

Send location

In a new city it's difficult to navigate, so we added function to send the location directly to the chat.

Sending a message with a map in the chat

Public chat

It may happen that one Angel of Polaris is unable to provide the necessary assistance to the user, or in the process of communication, he realizes that he can not help. In order not to return the user to the first step (creating requests) we have developed a public chat, which can offer assistance from several Angels of Polaris.

Group Chat in a mobile app for Android

Polaris Angels are ready to help, but for various reasons, they do not always succeed. In order not to arouse their sense of guilt, a special notification was developed. The system will send an interactive notification of a new request to 10 Angels nearby. If an angel is ready to help, he responds positively to the notice and proceeds to chat with the user. If he currently can not help, he responds negatively to the notice, but it does not appear within the application.

Smart interactive notification

To protect against malicious users, we have added rating (the function to say "thank you"). In the first version, we only collect the data, without displaying it in the application. In subsequent versions of the application will disaplay the rating of each Angel of Polaris, thereby inform the user that he can be trusted.

Dialogs when you delete a chat and screen Thank you for users rating

Additionally our team has developed a logo and slogan for this application. Name of the project was taken as a basis. «Polaris» — the star, pointing the way to travelers for centuries.

Criteria for the slogan: short, showing the essence of the application. As a result, option «Polaris — community that lights your way» was selected. For the logo was chosen a concept, which combined a pin on a map and a star.

Logo and slogan

Mobile application for tourists

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Valentin Kapuza

“Fingers has a team of key players. Everyone was constantly involved during our presentations.”

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