The customer turned to the idea of developing a mobile application that helps people effectively organize work with their documents. By the time customer turned to fingers, the back-end for the project had been at the final stage of development with the working API that made it possible to test the work of artificial intelligence mechanisms for documents recognition and classification.

The customer is sure that the average person is no longer able to control the information, because it is complex, unorganized, distributed on different electronic and paper source. When we do not control our information, we do not control our life. DOKKA creates tools that allows you to access the information and use it in the best way possible.

Moving towards the development of such a service DOKKA supports the principles of reducing the use of paper, saving the environment.

Main screen with folders


Fingers designed and developed DOKKA mobile application for smartphones running Android.

The design of the application is presented in pleasant light colors with the blue color of the main elements and the orange color of the active elements. Design of the application corresponds to Material Design guidelines.

Logging into the application can be performed using a Google+ account giving the access to Gmail and Google Drive user accounts.

Main function of the application is document scan that allows you to create a pdf document from images taken with a smartphone camera and upload the document to DOKKA. DOKKA will process the document and report what folder she placed it to.

Progress bar

In case the document is uploaded to DOKKA via email, user receives a push notification that DOKKA has downloaded several documents while the user was away.

Viewing and accessing your documents is very simple and understandable — for this purpose the structure and hierarchy of folders was designed. Documents are put into directory corresponding to the document type.

Search functional allows you to find documents by keywords or metadata of the document.

Search and recent documents


Scanning documents is not a typical task for mobile development. The scan process for DOKKA project consists of several stages:

More details about the procedure and challenges of scanning a document will soon be available on our website.

Scanning documents

Multilanguage applications support is very important for projects aimed at an international and multi-lingual audience. In general, this is a typical task, which is based on creating and maintaining localization files. However, the specificity of Hebrew is in the right to left direction of writing, so the task consisted not only in changing the text and its correct alignment, but also in the full vertical reflection of all elements of the mobile application interface.

Open document and replace

Main functional

A partition that has a multi-level hierarchy to support file-folder architecture.

Recent documents
A section with all user documents sorted by date.

The ability to find a document by keywords, topics or other parameters.

The functionality of scanning a paper document and loading it into DOKKA.

Move document
The functionality of moving a document to another folder.

Send document
Sharing the document.

Folder notifications
The number of unread documents in the folder.

Notifications about adding new documents to DOKKA.

Pin Code
Adding a pincode when opening an application.

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Technology Stack

Project Management



API integration
Google authorization
Camera work


Sketch App

dokka android app screens

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Project manager
Diana Klimchuk
Business analyst
Alexander Smirnov
Anastasia Koshko
Android developer
Anton Gerasimenko (Android)
Vasily Mikhalyuk (Web front-end)